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“If you could use a dollop of happiness, a smidgen of inspiration (or a kick in the pants wake-up call), or a reminder that there are good things happening in the world and that things can change—give a listen to Uplifting Things. Each week features a dose of positive news stories and an interview with information about health, changing your habits, shifting your mentality, or other practices that could be worth bringing into your life. This hour of talk isn’t all talk—it’s been hand-crafted to help you get the most out of life.”

Merriam-Webster defines ‘uplift’ as “to improve the spiritual, social, or intellectual condition of.” That pretty well summarizes what I hope to do for listeners – give you the option to improve your spiritual, social, or intellectual condition 🙂

Perhaps more clearly – my goal with this show is to share useful information. “Useful” as in, information that is practical and applicable to your life–helping you re-think your habits and giving you the tools you can use to make change in your life. Interview guests (past and future) include health experts, musicians, herbalists, communication experts, entrepreneurs, researchers, ‘alternative medicine practitioners’, and more.

I want you to know that change is possible. Things can get better. There are options, there is hope. We can choose happiness & we have the power to choose so many pieces of our lives–choose our attitude, choose who we interact with, choose what we eat, choose what we do with our free time. Let’s make the most of it!

We don’t need to live in stress and overwhelm. Let’s learn everything we can to reduce fear, reduce anxiety, reduce stress. Let’s increase connection, increase awareness, and increase happiness. Let’s make conscious choices, with our food and thoughts and surroundings and our time and our future, to live the best possible lives.