Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to Create Emotional Balance (Susan Bushell)

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On today’s show, I featured an interview with Susan Bushell about Emotional Freedom Techniques. We discussed what EFT is, what it’s useful for, how to use EFT yourself, and we worked through an example with self-sabotage. Susan emphasised how EFT can be helpful in moments of high anxiety or other strong emotions to help bring us back into a calmer place, and the importance of feeling safe while tapping.

This interview is definitely worth taking the time to listen to – learn about how you can use EFT and really shift your emotions and heal parts of your life.

Here is the full, unabridged interview (duration 1hr 9min) :


Susan Bushell is an intuitive Energy Therapist that specializes in Energy Psychology. Passionate about facilitating clients’ personal transformation, she has expertise in working with all aspects of trauma, depression, anxiety and fear of change. Susan also teaches, accredits and supervises EFT  (Emotional Freedom Techniques) students all over Canada bringing her extensive experience to those ready to learn how to Tap with confidence and effectiveness for themselves and their clients.

With a B.Sc. in Psychology Susan spent 5 years working at Chedoke Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with high-risk youth and their families. Now an AAMET Master EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Trainer,  Ask & Receive Practitioner, ZPoint Practitioner and former co-chair of the Certification & Training Board at AAMET,  Susan has owned and operated a private practice in Guelph, Ontario, Canada since 2003. She has worked with thousands of clients specializing in Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine having completed extensive training in Britain with EFT Founding Masters Ann Ross, Gwyneth Moss, Tania Prince and Judy Byrne and in the U.S. with Dr. Carol Look. Susan has also tutored numerous times for EP author, researcher, speaker and Clinical Psychotherapist Dr. David Feinstein. Visit her website and check out the upcoming EFT conference ‘EFT Gathering Canada’ coming up April 28th-29th in Guelph, Ontario

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