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This week’s show featured part 1 of 2 of an interview with Holistic Esthetician Valerie Stevenson – discussing natural skincare, and in particular an ideal facial care routine (cleansing & hydrating twice a day, exfoliating once a week). She also spoke of the importance of sunscreen and the ingredients of sunscreen.

Part 2 of this interview, to be broadcast March 8th (click here to access the recording), includes a discussion of facial masks and skincare for the lips and remainder of the body.

Did you know coconut oil is actually not good for your face? And, that you can cleanse your face with simple jojoba or sunflower seed oil to dissolve clogged pores? (Be sure to purchase from a health food store rather than the grocery store. As Valerie mentioned, consider what your face is absorbing and what nutrients you are feeding it!) Learn about this and more in this highly informational interview.

Here is the audio of just the interview (41:22 duration):


Full 57-minute audio file of the morning show, including news & a song before the interview starts:


Valerie Stevenson is a Holistic Esthetician and owner of Belle Aura Natural Skin & Body Care based in Guelph, Ontario. Her practice focuses on the health and wellness of individuals by providing truly healthy, genuine, all-natural and effective skin and body care. She understands the importance of caring for oneself, talking time to relax, restore, and treat / maintain the body in a healthy manner. She believes that treating and caring for the skin and body using 100% natural – whole plant and mineral based sources provides the healthiest and most effective treatment. She takes a holistic approach to her practice, considering the whole person and all aspects that may be influencing skin and nail health. She strives for distinction in the knowledge of healthy natural skin and body care products and approaches to ensure she provides the best possible treatment. Education of healthy skin and body care practices is a key aspect of her practice, as such she regularly conducts workshops and classes in the community. Valerie has been practicing holistic esthetics for over 4 years and carries forward knowledge and experience from an over 15-year career in the natural sciences field.

More information about skincare products:


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