(rebroadcast) Communicating without Blame or Judgement – ‘The Simple Truth’ technique (Janet Laughton Mackay)

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On today’s show, I re-played the interview originally broadcast December 28th 2017, wherein Janet Laughton Mackay discusses The Simple Truth and how you can use this system of communication to engage in clear, blame-free dialogue – keeping your words clean, clear, true, and kind. (There’s new news items at the beginning of the show, though.)


Janet has also suggested, and volunteered her time, that if any listeners want to work through an example from their lives of how to apply The Simple Truth to a particular situation, that she is happy to provide feedback and we can then broadcast Janet’s discussion of the example so we can all learn more about The Simple Truth.


About Janet Laughton Mackay:

After returning to school and completing an MBA in the early 80s, Janet held various sales and marketing roles in the emerging computer industry, such as working for Unisys Canada, first as Vice-president of Marketing and then Vice-president and General Manager of the Federal Region. In the early 90’s she assumed the CEO role of a privately held marketing company that was facing a serious crisis. Developing and using some of the leadership and communication tools and practices that she offers today, she and the senior management team accomplished a turnaround of that organization.

Janet graduated from The University of Toronto with a degree in Philosophy and English, followed later by an MBA from York University in Finance and Strategic Planning.  she has been a life-long seeker of knowledge and understanding, which has taken her to many parts of the world, pursuing the many possible answers to herquestions.

For almost 20 years now Janet Laughton Mackay has been working with both corporate teams and individuals. Her mission is to help clients build more powerful, effective teams – and to help individuals develop stronger, deeper relationships. None of that can happen without honest, effective and uncluttered communication.  Her expertise and her methodologies are a unique result of her constant search for ‘root cause’ in human behavior. Today Janet is discussing The Simple Truth, so we can learn about speaking simply without blame and judgement. When a team embraces and integrates this learning, individual accountability increases and clarity in communication becomes a norm. The most powerful outcome is an increase in trust.

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