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In this show, Alex Baisley offers a jam-packed interview with a mountain of immediately-useful information about how we can pursue our dreams and why is it important to do so.

If you’ve ever wanted to make money doing what you love, or wanted to achieve do something with your life that seems impossible, listen to this show! Alex shares a wealth of suggestions and ideas and techniques in this recording.

(Show begins with uplifting news items; beginning of the interview starts @ 11:27 in this audio file.)

More about Alex Baisley – Creative Lifestyle Design Coach

From commercial diver, to Reiki Master, to Head Lad at the Big Dream Program (only lad to be honest), Alex has been following his heart all his life. Sometimes even in the right direction. He has  travelled around North America offering his workshops to highly independent maverick types who are feeling a bit, bored, or perhaps in need of a re-imagine in their life or income. “Where’d that ole spark go, what’s next for me? I think I could do something totally amazing… if I could just figure out what the heck it IS!” By focusing on people’s lifestyle dreams and quirks, Alex helps folks re-design their plan forward to fit like them their favourite pair of jeans, and make money doing something super unique and authentic. He lives in Guelph with his wife Kathleen, 2 children, and assorted animals.

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