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On today’s show, Kristy Lin Billuni discusses writing – how both creative writing and journalling can be a form of self-care, the importance of self-expression, and how to create a writing practice (excellent tips on how to fit and create a new habit it your life!)

Originally broadcast on Thursday January 11th 2018 on CFRU 93.3FM in Guelph Ontario, you can also listen to the show (complete with uplifting news and some music) below:



About Kristy Lin Billuni:

Kristy Lin Billuni, AKA The Sexy Grammarian, is a writer and teacher in San Francisco. She has coached, tutored, supported, and collaborated with thousands of writers, and her essays and short stories about sex and writing have appeared in online publications, literary journals, and anthologies.

Find her online at:


Twitter @SexyGrammar

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